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“Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power~ Paul Engle

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At the age of 9, Lucy Wache discovered her love for poetry, when she took part in a poetry recital competition. From that year on, through her primary and high school education, she was able to compete at the national level.

Lucy’s poetry is inspired by her faith and the prevailing socio-cultural, political and economic issues. Her poetry is in English and Kiswahili, though her love for Kiswahili is evident in her works; most of which have been featured on national television.

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Country Girl

I love the countryside, it’s true!It shaped all I think and do.And when I need to dream a new;That’s the place I run to! So I did miles to school...

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Empty Eyes

Something died. I know. Something died coz The spark That made her eyes glow Is no more. She’s stuck! In a loveless union Stuck Feeling used and abused Stuck! Disillusion...

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Poet: Preachers, Painters, Potters

Poets are like preachers… Yes, and potters too! With their pens pressing; And their ink plastering; They carve out metaphoric words, Rhymes, and proverbs that prod and probe; poke and...

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kiswahili lugha tamu

Kiswahili Lugha Tamu

Kiswahili lugha yangu, tamu kuliko zote; Nilofunzwa na mamangu, nilipoanza kumwaga nyute; Yavutia moyo wangu, naisifu kote kote; Kiswahili lugha tamu, asali mtoto wake. Napenda zako hadithi, na yako mashairi;...

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mabilionea wa korona shairi

Mabilionea Wa Korona

Mabilionea wa korona, mwingine ka nyie hakuna; Hata haya hamna, msichopanda mwavuna; Raha gani mwaona, kujifaidi na hili janga; Zitawafata laana, mwacheza na Maulana. Wauguzi taabani, mganga yu mashakani; Watupe...

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U’socialite’ Ni Nini?

Nimeamua kuipaza , hii mbiu ya mgambo; Nashindwa kunyamaza, lanikera hili jambo; Nawazua nikiwaza, fumbueni hili fumbo; U’socialite’ ni nini? Nimwelezeje wangu binti? Naomba usaidizi, kuielewa hii kazi; Shahada yao...

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Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.”Paul Engle

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